Welcome to Purely Organic Products

Purely Organic Products, LLC was founded as a product development, manufacturing and distribution business serving customers for its organic fertilizer, soil enhancement and plant management products. For the past four years, we have developed new products in association with agronomists, manufacturing partners and raw material suppliers who currently serve as a network supporting our product development and marketing efforts.

Our products



From cranberry crops to corn fields, Purely Organic Products, LLC Agricultural Products have been helping line growers and organically-certified farms produce bountiful crops naturally for years. Read more


Sports stadiums, municipalities and landscaping companies have been relying on Purely Organic Products, LLC line of professional, natural fertilizers and management products, to keep their fields, parks and grounds, green, pristine and chemical-free for years. Read more


With the introduction of Purely Organic Products, LLC consumer products line, including Purely Organic Products, LLC Lawn Food and Liquid Lawn Food natural fertilizers, Solo Packs all-purpose plant food and Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food 8-8-8, consumers can take advantage of our proven, natural products. Discover the Purely Organic Products, LLC consumer products line now.