An Easy-to-Apply, Fast-Acting Liquid Fertilizer- With No Harsh Ingredients

Purely Organic Products, LLC Liquid Lawn Food is a non-manure based fertilizer made from plant proteins and contains no harsh ingredients. By nourishing lawn from the inside out, and making soil nutrients available to the lawn immediately-thanks to an efficient built-in spray bottle delivery system- Liquid Lawn Food’s proprietary blend of plant proteins enriches the soil and promotes a lush, green lawn.

Product Description

Purely Organic Products, LLC Liquid Lawn Food features significant advantages, including:

  • Excellent Coverage- One 32 ounce bottle of Purely Organic Products, LLC Liquid Lawn Food covers up to 6,000 square feet of turf.

  • Ease of Application – Our built-in hose-end spray bottle makes applying, Purely Organic Products, LLC Liquid Lawn Food fertilizer, easy and convenient.

  • Fast-Acting – The effective, plant-based fertilizers in Liquid Lawn Food begin feeding your soil and lawn immediately.

  • No Harsh Ingredients.

  • No Phosphorus Added.

  • Plant-Based Ingredients – Unlike manure-based and biosolid fertilizers, non-manure based Purely Organic Products, LLC Liquid Lawn Food is made from plant proteins.

  • No Manure = No Odor.

  • 13-0-4 – An innovative combination of ingredients promotes a lush, green lawn.

  • Will Not Burn Your Lawn.*

  • Promotes a Lush, Green Lawn.

  • No Spreader is Necessary.

  • Enhances Soil Health and Microbial Activity – Makes more soil nutrients available to your lawn immediately.

  • Convenient and Family-Friendly – No restrictions on re-entry time after application.

*When used as directed.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs


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  • Mow your lawn to no less than 3” in height.

  • Try to leave grass clippings on your lawn as they contain important nutrients.

  • Watering only as needed to help

  • Feeding – Liquid Lawn Food will not burn your lawn*, so feed as often as you’d like. A thick, healthy lawn is less likely to be invaded by weeds.

*When used as directed.