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Increase Crop Yields, Optimize Nutrient Uptake and Reduce Input Costs

Purely Organic Products, Pro-Yield is an innovative product line that reduces reliance on conventional inputs and increases crop yields. Featuring custom blends and beneficial fungi, the microbial products boost plants nutrient uptake, resulting in stronger, healthier plants and more abundant crops.

Benefit from Proven, Versatile Products

Grow stronger plants and increase your crop yields with the following effective and innovative Pro-Yield products:

Purely Pro Seed

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Boost Your Bottomline with an Innovative Product Line

The Pro-Yield product line provides you with significant advantages:
Reduces or Eliminates Reliance on Conventional Inputs- Conventional systems may combine Pro- Yield products with a natural or chemical source to reduce rates and reliance on conventional products.
Ideal for Organic Farming- Organic systems may apply Purely Pro-Yield products without coapplication of conventional fertilizer.
Natural- Contains no pesticides and no chemicals.
Eco-Friendly- In addition to being natural, Pro-Yield products also reduce water inputs.
Improves Crop Yields- Including growth, fruiting, flowering and survivability.
Produces Stronger, More Abundant Plants.
Minimizes Drought Stress, Transplant Shock and Nutrient Loss.
Promotes Rooting and Nutrient Uptake.
Various Applications.
Proven Effective on All Crops.