Purely Organic Products, LLC Professional Products

Professional Fertilizers and Management Products

For years, sports stadiums, municipalities and landscaping companies have been relying on Purely Organic Products, LLC line of professional, harsh-ingredient-free fertilizers and management products, to keep their fields, parks and grounds, green and pristine.

Purely Organic Products, LLC fertilizers and bio-stimulants provide lawn care operators with effective alternatives that contain no harsh ingredients. With no manure, and no bio-solids, our fertilizers are revolutionizing the way sports stadiums and municipalities care for their turf.

Benefit from an Innovative Line of Fertilizers and Management Products that Contain No Harsh Ingredients

Whether you are running a lawn care business, or maintaining sports fields, our professional fertilizers and management products offer significant advantages:

  • Competitive Pricing - Our products are a cost-effective alternative to bio-solid-based fertilizers, and are a non-commodity product, so the price won’t fluctuate.
  • No Phosphorus Added - Complies with state and regional restrictions.
  • No Manure = No Odor.
  • No Bio-Solids.
  • No Harsh Ingredients.
  • 10-0-2 - Our combination of ingredients promotes a lush, green turf.
  • Long-Lasting - Each application lasts up to 10 weeks.
  • Innovative- Rather than letting food waste wind up in landfills, we refine and blend it into effective, natural soil treatments.
  • Convenient- No restrictions on re-entry time after application.

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For all products, we have agreements that provide us with exclusive use of products for agricultural purposes, exclusive certification of products with state, national and international organic review boards, agreements with national distributors and confidentiality agreements with manufacturers.