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Benefit from a High-Nitrogen, Liquid Fertilizer with No Harsh Ingredients

Purely Organic Products, LLC Purely Pro Gro 13-0-0 fertilizer boasts one of the highest nitrogen contents in a liquid fertilizer, on the market today. Featuring patented protein technology, Purely Pro Gro 13-0-0 contains an innovative combination of plant-based proteins and Hydrolyzed Fish Protein Concentrate (HFPC). The effective, high-nitrogen liquid fertilizer is Ecocert approved, making it suitable for use in organic farming. Purely Pro Gro 13-0-0 provides you with significant advantages, including:

  • The Highest Nitrogen Content on the Market in a Liquid Fertilizer.
  • Increases Microbial Activity- Making more nutrients available to plants.
  • Fast-Acting.
  • No Harsh Ingredients.
  • Essential Bioactives that Strengthen Plants- Contains all of essential bioactive groups: proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, as well as simple and complex carbohydrates.
  • Improves Plants’ Ability to Withstand Drought.
  • Increases Flowering and Budding.

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