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An Innovative Food Storage Enhancement Product - Delays the Fruit Ripening Process by 29 Days*

Appearance of papaya fruits after 5 weeks of storage

Purely Organic Products, LLC Nature’s Cure is a food storage enhancement product approved for organic growers. Designed for use onall stone fruits and berries, Nature’s Cure is an edible coating that delays the onset of the fruit ripening process by 29 days.

Ensures Fruit Reaches Store Shelves at Peak Freshness for Resale

By applying Nature’s Cure 30 days prior to harvesting stone fruit and berry crops, and then applying a post-harvest, pre-pack wash, Nature’s Cure delays the ripening process and helps stone fruits and berries maintain their freshness, ensuring they arrive on store shelves at the optimum stage of the ripening process for resale.

Benefit from a Proven Product that Extends the Life of Fruit & Prevents Frost Damage

With Nature’s Cure, you can take advantage of a proven product that boosts your bottomline by preventing frost damage and helping ensure fruit reaches store shelves at peak freshness.* Nature’s Cure facilitates the export of fruits to long distance markets by sea, thereby reducing the exportation costs and allowing for more competitive pricing.

Benefit from a Versatile, Time Saving Product

  • Delays the Ripening Process of Climacteric Fruits by 29 Days*
  • Helps Protect Fruit from Frost Damage*
  • Delays Color Changes*
  • Reduces Weight Loss and Decay*
  • Helps Fruit Maintain its Texture*
  • No Harsh Ingredients
  • Helps Ensure the Freshness of Fruit Arriving at Retailers
  • Extends the Shelf Life of Stone Fruit and Berries
  • Ideal for Stone Fruit and Berries that are Transported for Long Periods of Time

Directions for Use:

For optimal results, apply to berry and stone fruit crops via spray application 30 days prior to harvesting at a rate of 32 oz per acre. Apply a post-harvest pre-pack wash. Mix 4 oz. of Nature’s Cure with 1 gallon of water for the second application to harvested fruit prior to shipping.

*When used as directed.

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