OMRI and CDFA Organic Certified Agricultural and Consumer Products

Purely Organic Products, LLC offers OMRI Listed Organic Fish Fertilizers, OMRI Listed Nutrient Efficiency Products and an OMRI Listed Gel Adjuvant designed for organic agricultural growers and consumers.

Our Agricultural OMRI Listed fertilizers, fish fertilizers, nutrient efficiency products and gel adju-vant, enable organic line and crop growers to meet the rising demand for organic produce.

CDFA Fertilizers

In addition to being OMRI Listed for Organic Use, many of our fertilizers are also CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture) Registered Organic Inputs. Our CDFA fertilizers and CDFA nutrient efficiency products are designed for organic growers operating in California as well as those selling their products in California.

Eco-Cert Approved, Liquid Fertilizer

Purely Pro Gro 13-0-0 also provides agricultural growers with an effective, high-nitrogen, liquid fertilizer that is EcoCert approved and NOP Approved for Organic Agriculture.

Consumer Organic Fertilizers

All of Purely Organic Products, LLC products are formulated without harsh ingredients.
From our plant-based, convenient, family-friendly fertilizers boasting no restrictions on re-entry time, to our harsh-ingredient-free plant food products, our consumer products line enables homeowners to care for their yards and gardens, while keeping children, pets and the environ-ment in mind.
With our OMRI Listed Fish Packs organic fish fertilizer, consumers can take advantage of an organic fertilizer designed for organic gardening. Fish Packs provide consumers with a certified organic plant food for use on all plants, including: vegetable and fruit gardens, flowers, herbs, potted plants and more. In addition to being an OMRI Listed, organic fertilizer, Fish Packs con-venient, pre-measured dissolvable packs deliver mess-free feeding.

The Following Products are Approved for Organic Use:

Agricultural Products

Purely 14-0-0 WSN

Purely Potassium 14-0-0 WSN Logo CDFA Seal OMRI logo

Purely Crop Grow 8-4-8

Purely Crop Grow Logo OMRI logo

Purely Fish 8-5-1

PURELY FISH 8-5-1 Logo CDFA Seal OMRI logo

Purely Herb Grow 6-3-6

Purely Herb Grow 6-3-6 Logo OMRI logo

Purely Hydro


Purely LQ 2-0-5

PURELY LQ 2-0-5 logo CDFA Seal OMRI logo

Purely Phosphorus 1-29-0

Purely Phosphorus 1-29-0 Logo OMRI logo

Purely Phosphorus LQ 0-15-0

Purely Phosphorus LQ 0-15-0 Logo OMRI logo

Purely Potassium 0-5-14

Purely Potassium LQ 0-5-14 Logo CDFA Seal OMRI logo

Purely Potassium 0-5-36

Purely Potassium 0-5-36Logo CDFA Seal OMRI logo

Purely Pro Gro 13-0-0

PURELY PRO GRO 13-0-0 Logo Ecocert approved

Purely Poultry 5-3-2

PURELY Poultry 5-3-2 Logo OMRI logo

Purely Pro N

Purely Pro N Logo OMRI logo

Purely Pro P

Purely Pro P Logo CDFA Seal OMRI logo

Purely Terra Fed 1-0-3

Purely Terra Fed Logo OMRI logo

Consumer Products

Bloom - Bone Meal Fertilizer

OMRI Listed Bloom - Bone Meal Fertilizer OMRI logo


Fortify organic fertilizer CDFA Seal OMRI logo

Purely Herb

Purely Herb jar OMRI logo

Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food 8-4-8

Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food 8-4-8 OMRI logo