Purely Organic Products, LLC Offers Eco-Friendly, Natural Fertilizer and Plant Food for Spring and Summer Lawn Care & Gardening

April 22, 2014

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After a harsh winter in most of the country, homeowners are preparing their outdoor spaces for a much-anticipated spring and summer season. With environmental responsibility at the top of consumers' minds, homeowners are increasingly seeking out eco-friendly lawn and plant care products that enable them to care for their lawns and gardens without the use of chemicals. 2014 marks the first Spring/Summer season that homeowners can take advantage of Purely Organic Products, LLC line of natural lawn care and plant care products for the consumer audience.

An industry leader, Purely Organic Products, LLC has been providing professional sports stadiums and growers with innovative, natural fertilizers and plant management products for years. "We recognized that the consumer marketplace lacked a natural, chemical-free, non-manure based fertilizer and plant food," Robert Simmons, CEO of Purely Organic Products, LLC explained of the company's decision to launch a consumer line in 2013.

The company's Lawn Food, natural fertilizer and Solo Packs, all-purpose natural plant food are made from plant proteins and are non-manure based. With no harmful chemicals, and no bio-solids, the patented plant Protein Technology products are convenient, family-friendly and planet-friendly.

"There are no restrictions on re-entry time after applying Lawn Food, so children and pets may play in the yard immediately," Simmons said. Solo Packs, natural plant food can be used on indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, and produce gardens "Since the products are chemical-free and pesticide-free no harmful ingredients leech into groundwater and waste streams from run off," he added.

Solo Packs are available on Amazon.com. Lawn Food is also sold online nationwide.

About Purely Organic Products:

Purely Organic Products, LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional organic fertilizers, soil enhancement and plant management products. The 2013 launch of Purely Organic Products, LLC Lawn Food, natural fertilizer and Solo Packs, natural all-purpose plant food marks the company's debut in the consumer market. Liquid Lawn Food, a natural liquid fertilizer will be sold online beginning later in 2014, and will hit store shelves in 2015. For additional information regarding Purely Organic Products, please visit http://www.purelyorganicproducts.com/organic-fertilizer/consumer.php.