Purely Organic Products, LLC Debuts Two New, Natural Lawn and Gardening Products at The Home Depot Stores Nationwide

Eco-Friendly, Liquid Lawn Food and 8-8-8 Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food, hit The Home Depot store shelves, in time for spring lawn care and gardening.

April 21, 2015

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Purely Organic Products, creators of natural lawn and gardening products, today announced that two of the company's products, Liquid Lawn Food and 8-8-8 Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food, are now available at The Home Depot stores nationwide. With eco-conscious consumers increasingly seeking environmentally-friendly alternatives, Purely Organic Products, LLC is meeting the demand.
"We are thrilled Liquid Lawn Food and 8-8-8 Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food are available at The Home Depot stores throughout the U.S., in time for the spring and summer season," Robert Simmons, CEO of Purely Organic Products, LLC said.
Now, homeowners can take advantage of the same natural fertilizers that professional sports stadiums rely on and the same natural plant management products that agricultural growers utilize.
"8-8-8 Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food is ideal for natural gardening," Simmons said. "With an essential, natural, organically-derived mineral of phosphorous, it forces flowers to bloom which is vital for tomato and vegetable growth, and plant strength."
"Our eco-friendly fertilizers meet the need for manure-free, bio-solid-free, chemical-free alternatives," Simmons said of the fertilizers, which contain no added phosphorous. "They won't burn lawns and comply with the growing number of regions where phosphorous is banned."
The family-friendly products contain no harmful chemicals, so there are no restrictions on re-entry after application. Children and pets may play on the lawn immediately after applying the products.
In addition to Liquid Lawn Food and 8-8-8 Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food, the natural product line also includes Lawn Food, dry fertilizer and Solo Packs flower and plant food. All four products are available online nationwide at TheHomeDepot.com.

About Purely Organic Products:

Purely Organic Products, LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional organic fertilizers, soil enhancement and plant management products. The 2013 launch, of their consumer lawn and gardening products line reinforces their mission of, "Caring for your yard, while keeping children, pets and the environment in mind."