Purely Organic Products, LLC Turf Restore

Purely Organic Products, LLC Turf Restore

Rapidly Repair Your Lawn- Without Harsh Ingredients

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Purely Organic Products, LLC Turf Restore is an effective lawn repair product that establishes rapidly. Formulated with a blend of seed, humic acid and amino acid, and without harsh ingredients, Turf Restore is ideal for repairing bare spots and damaged areas.

Like all of Purely Organic Products, LLC yard care products, Turf Restore is formulated without harsh ingredients, and is ideal for caring for your yard while keeping children, pets and the environment in mind.

Delivers Fast-Acting Results You Can See Within 5 Days*

Turf Restore delivers visible growth you can see within 5 days.* So whether your lawn damage is the result of weather, insects, pets or high-traffic, Purely Organic Products, LLC Turf Restore provides you with rapid germination, for quick coverage.

Benefit from an Effective, Harsh-Ingredient-Free, Lawn Repair Product

Purely Organic Products, LLC Turf Restore offers significant benefits, including:

  • Rapid Results - Delivers Visible Growth within 5 Days*
  • Fast-Acting Germination for Quick Coverage
  • Uniform Coverage for a Dense, Durable Lawn
  • An Effective Blend of Seed, Humic Acid and Amino Acid
  • Perennial Ryegrass Seed- Lateral Growth for Faster Fill of Bare Spots
  • Suitable for Repairing Pet-Damaged and High-Traffic Areas
  • Ideal for Patching Bare Spots and Thinning Areas

Repairs Damage Caused By:

  • Pets
  • Insects
  • Winter Injury
  • High Traffic
  • Drought

Caring for Your Yard, While Keeping Children, Pets and the Environment in Mind.

Directions for Use:

  1. Prepare Soil- Rake to remove dead grass and loosen soil.
  2. Apply Mixture- Shake product directly from container. Apply an even layer to cover bare soil.
  3. Rake or Tamp- Gently rake and/or tamp to ensure adequate seed to soil contact.
  4. Water- Keep seedbed moist. Water daily with a light spray, if necessary.
  5. Grow and Mow- Refrain from mowing until new turf is established.

Quickly and easily repair your lawn, buy Turf Restore now.

*Based on appropriate moisture and temperature, as well as good seed to soil contact. Based on following the specified directions for use.